About Me


My name is Jim Peluso, I am a Server and Virtualization Analyst. I concentrate mainly on Windows Servers, VMware vSphere, Storage Array Integration with vSphere, PowerShell and Dell Servers. I’m learning more about the Linux world and I’m looking forward to learning more. There are aspects of my job and parts of my skill set that I’m working to develop, such as businesses analysis and project management.

In a past life I was a Network Administrator in higher Education and the K-12 sector,  I worked on applications like BlackBoard and Datatel/Colleague/ERP, SAN technologies and mostly HP and Cisco Hardware.

I hold several certifications and an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems. Currently I’m pursuing a MBA.


I actually went to college originally to be an elementary school teacher.  After failing Child Educational Psychology 3 times I decided it wasn’t for me.  I then quit my well-paying  job at the time (bank teller), and got a job at CompUSA working minimum wage just to be around the new technology. I didn’t quit college but instead changed paths and went into Computer Information Systems.  This gave me a management degree with an IT focus.  Eventually while still taking classes I moved into the Service Department of CompUSA as the Service Writer. After a while I got my A+ cert and became a real technician! After working there for a while I had to cut back my hours and pursue an internship to finish my degree.

After graduating College and completing a few more certifications I decided to get a “real” job I knew I wanted to work in Technology and hands on.  I ended up working as a HelpDesk Employee at yhr bank I was a teller for. That lasted about 6 months until I became a System Administrator. I worked for the call center of the bank working on the servers, applications, SQL, OS, Project management everything!

Then there was a opportunity to go back to a School District, I took it and couldn’t have been happier.  I worked there for a few years brought in Virtualization with VMware, Backup with Veeam, HP Blade Servers, Automation, HP wireless technologies, an HP MSA, thin clients, Terminal Services, and the list goes on.

Eventually another opportunity came up to work in higher education. I decided to pursue this new avenue and try my hand in Higher Ed.  I was able to work on server migration, EVA disk upgrades, a new backup strategy, VMware ESXi deployment and a ESX to ESXi migration.

I’ve moved on from The University and have gone back to working in Corporate.

Anything written in this blog is my personal opinion and it doesn’t represent that of my employer.

Personal Interests:

I’m a Dad, Husband, fisherman, gardener, golfer and I’m passionate about my work. I’m one of the rare people who enjoy what I do.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Jim, just wanted to thank you again for the fsck,ext3 vmware solution, which has lead me on to explore a bit more of your blog – it’s the exact format and content that I have been indending for a blog for several years now, a collection of random thoughts, experiences and fixes from being a sys admin for several customers – I wish I could find the time… However, your blog is inspiring, keep up the good work.

    I also notice you metion you are a fisherman – tight lines!

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