Pesky FTP Option for WordPress Updates

If you have WordPress installed and own the system and keep getting prompted for FTP Credentials when attempting to update, follow these simple steps to remediate it:

edit the wp-config.php file and add the line:

define('FS_Method', 'direct');

This will tell wordpress to download the upgrade to the filesystem, extract and then replace the files for the upgrade.

If after doing this you still get prompted then you most likely need to update the ownership of the wp-upload directory in the wordpress installation.

You can always run:

ps aux | grep httpd

This will find out the user that is running the web service

This is simple done by running:

chown -R username /var/directory/of/install

This will then update the wordpress install directory’s owner to the username you are running the web service. In the above case it’s “username”.

Good Luck,



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