2013 – Goals

Hello Everyone,

This is the first year I have decided to write some personal and professional goals into this blog. I saw on Twitter a few people posting these up and thought it would be a good idea to write something down that I can reference throughout the year.

  • Finish an MBA with a concentration in business from Salve Regina University.

    • This has been an ongoing march for me over the past 3 years, and I’m finally at the point where I can sit back and say I will finish my degree either this Summer 2013 or this winter 2013. It all depends on my workload. If your interested in getting an MBA, Salve Regina offers all online classes through the Black Board Mobile Learn system. I have four classes left:
      • Organizational Development
      • Global Business
      • unnamed elective in business
      • Strategic Management and Business Policy
  • PMP Certification

    • Project Management has always been something of interest to me. Over the past several years of my IT experience I always end up working in Project Management. It’s about time I take some official training and sit the exam. It’s funny over the past year I have become more specialized in IT, deep diving into servers and virtualization all while increasing soft skill sets such as business analysis, project management, and ITIL. The more time I spend in the soft skills the more I enjoy them. There will always be a passion that exists for me in virtualization but, I get just as excited about swim lanes and RACI matrices now.
  • Be a better Person

    • Wow that was a generic goal, but hear me out. We all have things that we can think back on and learn to improve. For example, ask yourself how can I be a better husband, co-worker, dad, son, etc. This is a really personal goal but, if you actually take the time to reflect back on the year and think about ways you can improve yourself, ways you can improve how you act it will be worth it to you professional and personally.
      • How can I improve my relationship with my daughter and son? I think about ways I can be better, can I keep my patience longer? Can I let my 3-year-old daughter be more free and explore more? Do I take her out for ice cream just because enough? Do I spend enough time with my 4 month old son? Do I read to him enough?
      • How can I improve my relationship with my Wife? Can I be a better husband by doing the dishes more, cooking dinner on the weekends because I get home from work to late to cook during the week? Did I get her flowers enough during the year? Can I be more thoughtful in my gift giving, (my wife is incredible at giving gifts, me not so much)?
      • How can I improve my relationships with Co-Workers? How can I better show that I respect them? How can I be more humble? How can I help them be better at what they do?
  • Business Analysis – CCBA

    • This one is a lofty goal, but is it worth the time to invest in the CCBA certification. I’m not truly a business analyst by title, but I am, we sort of all are. I work mainly in Infrastructure and continuously have to gather requirements from other members in IT to provide them an improved level of service. If the requirements aren’t correct and we miss something it could delay a project.
  • VCP 5

    • Certifications seem to be showing up more and more on this list but, I did take the Optimize and Scale course last year and I really should sit down and take the VCP 5 exam pre VMWorld where vSphere and ESXi 6 will probably be announced.
  • Take at least one picture of my kids everyday

    • This is one of my wife’s goals, but I want to help her out with it, so it’s going on the list.
  • Figure out what’s up with Agile and relearn the SDLC

    • As I said earlier I’m in Infrastructure and I haven’t looked at the SDLC (Solution not Software), Development Life Cycle since I finished my Bachelor’s in 05. It’s time to revisit it. It’s also time to review the Agile philosophies. Agile seems to be more and more prevalent in business today and I’m tired of reading about it and not fully understanding what it is.

This is my list for 2013, I’ll try to keep updating posts as I complete or take steps to complete them. 2013 is shaping up to be a great year and I’m looking forward to it. I hope everyone feels the same way.

Have a Safe and Healthy New Year!

Jim Peluso

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