the new MCSE? What the ?

OK, Many of you out there may have the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator certification. It took me personally 15 months to get this certification I finished it in December of 2010, and now with the advent of Server 2012 being released out comes a new MCITP: EA no wait WHAT!!?!?!?!?! they are bringing back the MCSE!!!!!! So wait let me get this straight after working extremely hard for almost a year and a half my EA certificate has been downgraded to a MCSA: Server 2008.

At least I only have to take 3 test now to get an MCSE but still Come on Microsoft! Downgrading a certificate? Give me a break. At least now the MCSE is no longer tied to the Server edition that you earn it for. It’s just a certificate that you need to now take another Microsoft test every 3 years.

If you want to learn more about the new MCSE Click here.

Let me break this down again for those that are MS certified:

You need to have the MCSA:2012 which if you have the MCSA:2008 is 70-417.

Once that’s done  you take the 70-413 and 70-414.

All well sounds like I have a tall order ahead of me: continue finishing my MBA (6 classes left!), take the VCP5 and figure out the MCSE exams. Phew! now I just need to finance those certifications!


2 thoughts on “the new MCSE? What the ?

  1. Yeah. I decided many years ago, after getting my MCSE, not to give Microsoft any more of money by going after certifications every time there is a new operating system. It seemed more beneficial to go after other certifications like for Cisco and other technologies, even though I haven’t done that yet. So far, the companies I have worked for have been more satisfied with my experience over certification. I’ve been studying for CCNA but have been too scared to take the test.
    Besides, the cost of taking all certification test are absurdly expensive.

    1. Agreed certification is getting extremely expensive. It will be interesting to see how much it costs to take the new MSFT tests. Last time I took them they were $125 each.

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