Weekly Findings

This week brought with it a set of firmware updates for the 4/24 brocade switches in a c7000 chassis. The switches were are firmware version 5.0.5 and I needed to upgrade them so they would be compatible with a set of 8/24 switches running the latest firmware of 6.4.1b.
I have two sets of fabric one labeled A and one labeled B. The major problem with doing firmware brocade upgrades is you need to step each upgrade. The links on the HP site don’t allow access to legacy firmware that you need to actually do the stepping. I located the obsolete firmware here on HP’s site which saved me some time. You have to move from 5.0.5 to 5.0.5c first for some reason. When putting in the firmware location for your FTP site make sure you specify the location as v5.0.5c\release.plist this is required for pre 5.2 releases. After you step to 5.2 you can just specify the folder location and not have to specify the release.plist.

Here is how I stepped my switches. The primary switch was upgraded first and then the subordinate was upgraded.


Hope it helps someone else out!



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