EVA 6000 Disk Groups Reporting Wrong Size

Recently the EVA 6000 I have at work started reporting wrong disk group sizes. As you can imagine that’s a little scary. One of my DGs actually was reporting that it was over-committed. I was consistently getting alarms.

I called into HP Support to find out what was going on. To my surprise I was told that the controllers were out of sync.
I was told that I would have to re-sync my controllers to fix the issue. I’ve never heard of controllers falling out of sync, but hey I have had a few power outages before this happened and replaced 32 disks in my EVA.

Here are the details on performing a re-sync. Now a word of caution, when you are in field services mode you CAN click a button and erase the ENTIRE EVA. I’m sure you don’t want to do that but be very careful.

As a precursor remember that you are supposed to log into your Command View server first then add fieldservice to the end of the URL.

Replace the address bar at the top to read “fieldservice” instead of the usual “Login”.
Select the EVA to work on
Open the command line interface
Enter ‘2a’ as your hex equivalent and ‘execute’ the command

Leave the ‘master controller’ dotted, both controllers will release their running state, and re-read everything off the disk spindles.

This is a quick “restart” and will cause queuing of commands and possible application timeouts or crashes are possible.
If possible, stop
MS SQL server
MS Exchange
Oracle database
To help relieve possible application crashes. Most OSs won’t have a problem, but applications may.

When I performed this action it did not cause SQL, VMware, or any other databases to crash during the syncing period. I did it during a lull in the day, usually lunch time.

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3 thoughts on “EVA 6000 Disk Groups Reporting Wrong Size

  1. We had a similar issue with CV EVA reporting incorrect space. We found it was due to the newer disk firmware (on the new disks replacing failed disks) not being read properly by the older controller firmware. All these space reporting errors cleared after we upgraded the controllers to the newer firmware.

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