VMware NEVMUG and Social Media


The New England VMUG was January 20th at Gillette Stadium and it was amazing. I’ve never had that much fun at a VMUG. Last time I went to a VMUG it was in 2008 in Newport, RI. I learned about ESXTOP at the VMUG and it was a great experience. After that VMUG I joined twitter and started following geeks.

There is something to be said about Social Media. I knew going to the VMUG I wanted to have a tweetup with people I’ve talked to or follow on Twitter. Let me tell you that was the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

I was able to meet @NerdBlurt, @MJBrender, @Stu, @Texiwill, @MMars, @CSHarney and @VCEKen.

It was an amazing opportunity to meet each of them and discuss technology. Instead of attending any break out sessions we got a primer on security and vShield from Ed.

I suggest anyone that is involved with a VMUG, or not even just the VMUG but, anything that you are passionate about. Get on twitter and get in touch with people in and out of your area with common interests and start talking!

When the opportunity shows up for you to meet the people you converse with daily or weekly on twitter then meet them. It’s an amazing experience that you will never forget. I plan on attending as many NEVMUGs as I can.

Thanks to Chris Harney for an amazing VMUG,
and a special thank you to everyone I met IRL from twitter,

Until next time,


PS enjoy this awesome picture I took at the VMUG.


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