iOS 4.1 speed test on a 3G!

Like many iPhone 3g users I’ve been suffering from the slowness that iOS 4.0 brings me.  It’s been frustrating and aggravating; it makes me want to throw my phone against a wall.

Life Hacker has released a video of iOS 4.1 running on a 3g next to an iOS 4.0 3g phone.

Now that I’ve seen this I’m really looking forward to the realease of iOS 4.1 and I’m hoping that my phone will run better.




2 thoughts on “iOS 4.1 speed test on a 3G!

  1. I’m the same, it is so frustrating! It’s the little things that are just very ‘un-Apple’ like music stuttering when swiping past the lock screen or sticking when swiping through pages. Bring on tomorrow!

    1. Hey Ben! It really does seem like apple QA has dropped the ball on iOS4 and iPhone 4. The flaws have not done much to hurt the reputation and I doubt it ever will! I am just looking forward to the fixes!


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