Automatic Server Recovery (ASR), BL460c, and Reboots

Today I came into two of my Blades running server 2003 R2 rebooting at around 8:30.  I thought what the ?  Wait a second who rebooted them and why?

I decided to check the IML log on the OA.  That resulted in finding several errors:


As you can see it’s not to detailed… My next option was to check the OS.  This box is a SQL 2005 server running on 2003 R2. In the Application log right before the reboot I got an iLO 2 warning Source” hpqilo Event ID: 57  Description: “Failed GET SENSOR READING, Sensor 5.”  hunh?!?!?!?

Now I was curious I decided to check HP’s advisory’s there has got to be something wrong with the iLO it’s to coincidental that the ASR happened right after I got the iLO warning.

AHA! that explains it! I’m running iLO firmware 1.81 and Management Controller version 1.11.1

Now that that’s all sorted out time to install these two items:

Updated System Management Controller


Updated iLO Management Controller Firmware

That firmware is not to be confused with the iLO2 firmware located here:

After doing the upgrades suggest by HP I am happy to report I’ve had no ASR reboots.

I really hope this helps someone else out!




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