Jack of all trades….

Well I figured I’d start a first post to actually have some content on this blog.  My name is Jim Peluso.  I live work and reside in Rhode Island it’s the smallest state in the USA.  “It’s neither a road nor an island” (Mike Meyers SNL).  It’s beautiful here I’m only 45 minutes from the beach at all times, the weather is always changing and has seasons.  I enjoy it; even though I complain about the heat and the snow. I think that’s a New Englander thing anyway.  Remember “It’s not the Heat it’s the Humidity” (Anonymous). If I hear that phrase one more time this summer I might explode.

I plan on keeping this blog updated weekly, daily sometimes hourly depending on what strikes my mood. It all depends on what’s going on for the day what content I can update at the time etc.  Currently I work for a University where the environment is intense and rapidly changing.  The challenges vary daily the work amasses and never ends, this isn’t a complaint or a gripe but excitement :).  Currently I’m working on fixing our Domain PKI, rebuilding our Security Groups, upgrading to Active Directory 2008 R2 from 2003, Upgrading our VBScripts to PowerShell, building DFS shares, coming up with an Audit plan for our Active Directory Delegates, Exchange 2007 maintenance and Upgrades, a VMware ESX 4.1 to ESXi migration, an EVA 6000 disk upgrades, DiskGroup and LUN redesign, Backup redesign and growth, and DR planning.

On a personal note I love using my MacBook, I enjoy VMware Fusion and workstation and I can’t say enough good things about the Virtualization twitter community or the vmtn forums.




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